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Efforts to reduce costs and increase productivity are underway across the entire spectrum of the offshore industry. Safelink is your complete supplier of passive heave- and dynamic load compensation solutions. Our range of products target dynamic challenges throughout the entire lift – from topside to subsea installation.

Our main products are heave compensators and shock absorbers for sale and rental.

We provide both standard and tailor made solutions for the maritime and offshore industry. Our solutions are customer driven and arise from sophisticated mathematical and mechanical methods. We like to work closely with our clients to continuously improve our solutions, and take great pride in delivering excellent performance.

Our Skills

Mechanical Engineering Pneumatics Hydraulics Hydrodynamics Software development Modelling and simulation Installation analyses Lifting operations Lifting equipment Project management

Client driven technology development

Our team has more than 20 years of experience with design, manufacturing, testing and analysis of passive heave compensation (PHC) solutions. Over time an increasing number of clients have seen the added benefit of including PHC to deal with unexpected load variations. As a result the use of PHC has steadily gained new areas of application and continued to go to deeper water depths.

We at Safelink acknowledge that standard PHC units have limitations when trying to meet multi functional requirements – so we have given our newest technology the ability to adapt to various stages of marine operations without human interaction.

Meeting our clients needs with intelligent and innovative solutions for shock absorption and passive heave compensation.

Our PHC solutions applies to all marine lifting operations – from oil & gas, salvage, offshore wind and wave industries

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