Safelink PHC installation of combined manifold module & foundation

For the Julimar Development Project Safelink delivered an adaptive PHC system with a SWL capacity of 1200 tonne. Not only is this among the heaviest passive heave compensated subsea operations ever completed, but the novel feature of this operation is the utilization of the adaptive system. Safelink adaptable PHC solution makes it possible to install several manifolds of various weights without retrieving the PHC for adjustments between the lifts.

The PHC was pre-charged for the first lift and programmed to self-adjust for the next, in addition to utilizing the systems topside and subsea mode. Safelink’s newest technology ensures that the PHC unit is optimized throughout the entire lift, through the splash zone and till the installation is completed. Not only for one lift, but for several lifts – without human interaction.

Safelinks adaptive passive heave compensation solutions aim to reduce human workload and inaccuracies, and increase safety and efficiency of the operation. The Julimar subsea installation was completed in 2 days – 100% according to plan.

The Julimar subsea installation was completed in 2 days