Safelink Targets Southeast Asia Passive Heave Compensator Market

OSLO, Norway – Safelink Group, a supplier of passive heave compensation equipment to the offshore and subsea construction industry, has closed a second financing from Export Credit Norway.

This will allow the company to expand its operations into the Asia/Pacific region.

Safelink says offshore contractors are pursuing passive heave compensators as an alternative to active systems.

Passive heave compensators, it claims, can extend the weather window for offshore lifting operations, reducing time and cost to complete complex subsea installations. This in turn allows contractors to operate less costly vessels.

At the same time, as subsea equipment becomes larger and more complex, there is a more pressing need to protect offshore lifting operations from dynamic forces.

According to the company, passive heave compensators can accommodate safe working loads of up to 1,400 tons – above the limit for current active heave compensation systems.

Safelink is a US-Norwegian engineering and equipment rental company providing DNV-approved passive heave compensating shock absorbers. These have been used in the North Sea, US, offshore West Africa, Australia, and Indonesia.

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