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Passive heave compensators for offshore salvage project

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Standard passive heave compensation

Shock absorption

Safe deployment through the splash zone

  • Remove the risk of slack slings and/or snap loads
  • Reduce dynamic load variations

Overload protection

Overload protection in case estimated  max load is exceeded

  • Extend to compensate if e.g active heave compensation fails
  • Absorbs potentially damaging peak loads

Quick lift-off function

Increase the lift-off velocity on transfer lifts by including a Safelink PHC solution with the functionality of high pressure actuated retraction of the piston rod.

  • Remove the risk of re-entry for offshore cranes with low hoisting speed

Subsea retrieval

  • Extend and retract to compensate for the dynamic load variations caused by topside movement
  • Extend to compensate if pull out forces exceeds estimated values
  • Controlled retraction when the subsea structure is released from the seabed

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Our standard passive heave compensators increase the weather window for your marine operations

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