Inline active heave compensator (IAHC)

Inline active heave compensator

Inline active heave compensator (IAHC) Safelink’s inline active heave compensator (IAHC) provides position and velocity compensation for all types of structures independent of geometry and mass, both subsea and in air. The IAHC is built around a passive principle with a gas balanced piston. A passive system does not provide any motion reduction for lifts […]

Shock absorbers with active controlled quick lift (ACQ)

Safelink shock absorber in action

Shock absorbers with active controlled quick lift (ACQ) Safelink’s new line of shock absorber with active controlled quick lift (ACQ) is a novel lifting tool that improves pile hammering safety and significantly increases the lifting speed for critical lifts. Our shock absorbers are the most efficient and cost effective in the market. Our quick lift […]

Saferunner – tag line roller

Saferunner product

Saferunner – tag line roller It is a true time saver for subsea lifts, especially in rough sea states. Simple yet ingenious Safelink Saferunner is a patented and DNV type approved tag line roller that significantly increases both the weather window and the safety in offshore lifting by eliminating the tag line operations. The absence […]

Standard passive heave compensation

Standard Passive Heave Compensator

Standard passive heave compensation Our standard passive heave compensators increase the weather window for your marine operations In general Standard PHC units are robust, easy to implement and very easy to use. They offers excellent performance for topside and subsea applications, where the dynamic challenges can be reduced significantly by shock absorption, constant tension or […]

Adaptive passive heave compensation

Adaptive passive heave compensator in action

Adaptive passive heave compensation Your complete solution for subsea installations. Our advanced heave compensators provide unbeatable performance throughout the entire operation from topside to subsea. In general We have taken the limitations of standard passive heave compensation and developed state-of-the art technology for marine operations. Our newest PHC units have an unbeatable interactive control system. […]