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Safelink has in-house developed simulators for a variety of applications

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Application simulators

As part of our continuous research and development strategy we have created simulators for studying the effect and performance of our shock absorption- and passive heave compensation solutions. In addition to providing detailed information on the functional and physical properties of the units, these simulators adds valuable input when comparing data from simulation analysis and real time measurements.

Lifting analysis

Safelink provides calculation sheets for all units. These sheets contain all required input and output to conduct lifting analysis, and can easily be adjusted to support any simulation program.

In addition to providing the necessary input to our clients or third parties analysis, we can also assist with the complete lifting analysis using Orcaflex.

Analysis and simulation Videos

Simulation of subsea resonance using orcaflex Watch Video
Simulation of subsea landing velocity using orcaflex Watch Video
Snap load simulation Watch Video