The future of Mobile Active Heave Compensation

Inline Active Heave Compensation

The CHRONOS is a mobile, rugged, all-in-one active heave compensator designed to provide motion compensation for all types of structures independent of geometry both subsea and in air.

Compensating all heave motion directly at the crane hook enables the offshore industry to significantly reduce costs, gain efficiency, increase lifting and subsea lowering capability and increase productivity through minimizing downtime.

CHRONOS has numerous novel features to ensure outstanding performance, safety and usability:

One-time filling

The compensator only requires a one-time filling of N2, the system is self-contained and will re-stock itself. Hence there is no need for any N2 supply in addition, removing the need for N2 racks / bottles.

Compensator Setup

Setup and filling is easier and safer with Safelink’s step by step digital setup guide. The tablet validates that filling is done correctly, and all data from the lifting operation can be retrieved to verify actual dynamic loads and landing speed.

Adjustable Damping

The compensator has changeable damping settings which will be optimized throughout the lifting operation

Rod Locking

The piston rod can be locked and unlocked remotely via the tablet or via the programmable ROV switch when required during the operation.

Buoyancy & Depth Compensation

The internal gas pressure is automatically adjusted to compensate for environmental changes throughout the operation.

ROV Control & Acoustic Communication

The unit has a ROV panel fitted with switches and display for interaction and communication with ROV. The switches can be pre-defined to different tasks.Acoustic two-way communication can also be enabled to interact with the mobile AHC.
Up to 98 % motion reduction
Consumes 100 % renewable energy during operation and utilize heave motion to charge internal power bank


We at Safelink believe that our responsibility is not only to deliver safe and quality assured solutions to our clients in a timely manner, but also that it is our obligation to add value to the client’s project by providing outstanding sustainable engineering solutions with unbeatable precision

Safelink Innline Active Heave Compensation. Unit Chronos 3000 35/35.

Safelink inline AHC has the ability to transform any crane or winch into a potential lifting tool for marine operations

A revolutionary lifting tool for increasing safety and reducing cost of marine operations.