Birds-eye view of windmills in the middle of the ocean

New product lines for the offshore wind market

The products we are announcing and delivering today are a game changer

Tomi Keranen, Project Engineer

Immedidate availability

Safelink announces immediate availability of new product lines that significantly increased uptime in offshore wind installation, giving offshore wind installation companies greater flexibility in the installation of offshore wind structures and offloading from feeder barges.

Active Heave Compensator

The new hook-based active heave compensator for offshore wind (AHC-W) was developed exclusively for the offshore wind installation market. Its cost and weight are significantly reduced compared to the AHC introduced by Safelink back in 2017, which was developed for both topside and subsea use down to 3000 metres.

The weight and cost reduction make AHC-W the most cost-effective and flexible AHC for offshore wind installation.

The core capabilities of the AHC-W are:

  • Operational weather window extension of more than 70% in several case studies
  • Floating to floating, floating to fixed and fixed to floating installations
  • Keeping DAF under control

Active Controlled Quick lift

Our new hook-based Active Controlled Quick lift (ACQ) is the best and most user friendly lift on the market, with more than 20 quick lift operations without t he need to recharge, and a vast range of payloads without the need for adjustments.

This will save the installation company hours of lifting off from barges. Safelinks ACQ is equipped with our Smart Valve Control and can be delivered with market-leading shock absorber capabilities for increasing the free fall height during pile hammering.

The core capabilities for the ACQ are:

  • Quick lift works with any payload within the range with adjustable speed
  • No time-consuming manual re-adjustments