Analysis and Simulation Services

Safelink has in-house developed simulators for a variety of applications.

Application Simulators

As part of our continuous research and development strategy we have created simulators for studying the effect and performance of our shock absorption- and passive heave compensation solutions. In addition to providing detailed information on the functional and physical properties of the units, these simulators adds valuable input when comparing data from simulation analysis and real time measurements.

Lifting Analysis 

Safelink has broad inhouse knowledge about offshore installation analyses and simulations using DNV RP-H103, internal simulation software as well as the OrcaFlex software.

We have developed models of our compensation products that easily can be implemented into OrcaFlex models (and other similar software) that we offer to our customers.

Safelink performs feasibility studies, giving approximate effects of implementation of compensation products.

In cooperation with our partner we are also able to handle very extensive extreme condition simulations.

Please contact us if you need compensator models or need help implementing a compensator into your lifting arrangement simulation.