Inline Active Heave Compensation

The Inline Active Heave Compensator (IAHC) is a mobile system which provides a high degree of flexibility, no permanent installation onto vessel.

In General

The IAHC is built around a passive principle with a gas balanced piston. A passive system does not provide any motion reduction for lifts performed in air as there is no added resistance to change in the objects velocity, e.g. added mass and drag area which are effects seen when payload is submerged.

With the active element the IAHC can compensate any type of load in air by balancing the forces seen by the payload.

The compensator can run both in passive and active mode opening new possibilities for usage, that cannot be matched by traditional AHC systems. It operates from a large battery pack that gives a long operational time when used in active compensation mode. IAHC enables use of low-cost cranes and winches to be used for complicated lifting operations. Further IAHC is well suited as a backup for AHC cranes and being a mobile unit, it is easy to utilize it where needed.

Inline Active Heave Compensation

Our patented and inhouse developed technology

  • Synchronized active heave compensation using external wireless MRU
  • State of the art splash zone mode with continuously adjusted hydraulic damping ensures lowest possible dynamic force
  • Low spring stiffness offsets the natural period to avoid resonance
  • Active landing compensation reduces speed to close to zero
  • Removes AHC induced fatigue