Saferunner - Tag Line Roller

“It is a true time saver for subsea lifts, especially in rough sea states.”

Simply Yet Ingenious

Safelink Saferunner is a patented and DNV type approved tag line roller that significantly increases both the weather window and the safety in offshore lifting by eliminating the tag line operations. The absence of manual rigging operations when lowering the payload subsea saves time and makes the whole lifting process safe and efficient.

The Safelink Saferunner is one of the most cost-effective crane accessories available on the market. It features a low friction bearing with grease lubrication via a grease nipple. All parts except the shackle are made from stainless steel.

The Saferunner can be delivered for wire rope diameters from Ø 24 mm to Ø 123 mm.

The Saferunner 25-90 has been used on our Hydralift Cargotec crane since 2009 and it has proven to be an invaluable tool in crane operations.

It is a true time saver for subsea lifts, especially in rough sea state. It has without a doubt increased our weather window significantly and the safety for the deck crew during subsea/deck operations with the offshore crane.

I would recommend Saferunner for anyone who has a crane with tag line winches with a constant tension function. The product is simple, yet ingenious.

SapuraClough – Offshore Construction Manager