Safelink monitoring system

Safelink monitoring system

Information is key to successful innovation

The key to successful innovation

Safelink consists of an ambitious group of specialised engineers. Our focus on providing high-quality performance is what has made us one of the leading suppliers of solutions for shock absorption and passive heave compensation. Information is the key to this success. It enables us to verify our in-house developed mathematical models and simulators, and to continuously optimise and improve our solutions.

Comparing theoretical simulations and real time measurements

A significant amount of time and resources are spent on installation analysis. As a supplier of input to these analyses we take great pride in delivering accurate data. Our extensive real-time measurements enable us to describe the characteristics of our units with unbeatable precision.

The internal and external value of information

Recordings from the offshore lift can be evaluated together with the installation analysis performed prior to the operation. Access to this information has great internal as well as external value. We know exactly how it works – and it empowers us to deliver intelligent and innovative solutions.