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Standard passive heave compensation

Our standard Passive Heave Compensation (PHC) units are rugged, easy to implement and very easy to use.

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It offers excellent performance for topside and subsea applications where the dynamic challenges can be reduced significantly by shock absorption, constant tension or overload protection.

PHC units are hydropneumatic units containing nitrogen gas and oil. These elements give the unit its spring and damping characteristics which are carefully designed to meet our client’s needs for a variety of applications. 

Standard passive heave compensation

Shock absorption

Safe deployment through the splash zone

  • Remove the risk of slack slings and/or snap loads
  • Reduce dynamic load variations

Overload protection

Overload protection in case estimated  max load is exceeded

  • Extend to compensate if e.g active heave compensation fails
  • Absorbs potentially damaging peak loads

Quick lift-off function

Increase the lift-off velocity on transfer lifts by including a Safelink PHC solution with the functionality of high pressure actuated retraction of the piston rod.

  • Remove the risk of re-entry for offshore cranes with low hoisting speed

Subsea retrieval

  • Extend and retract to compensate for the dynamic load variations caused by topside movement
  • Extend to compensate if pull out forces exceeds estimated values
  • Controlled retraction when the subsea structure is released from the seabed
Our standard passive heave compensators increase the weather window for your marine operations