Safelink shock absorber in action

Shock absorbers with active controlled quick lift (ACQ)

Safelink’s new line of shock absorber with active controlled quick lift (ACQ) is a novel lifting tool that improves pile hammering safety and significantly increases the lifting speed for critical lifts. Our shock absorbers are the most efficient and cost effective in the market. Our quick lift is the best and most user-friendly on the market, with 20 quick lift operations without the need to recharge and a very vet range of payloads without the need for adjustments.

What’s new?

Safelink’s novel shock absorber with quick lift have several innovations that makes them better than any other shock absorber or quick lifting compensator in the market.

The shock absorber’s performance is unmatched due to its new valve technology, which allows almost 100% shock absorption efficiency, compared to 60–70% of typical shock absorbers. This reduces the required stroke length.

Our shock absorber does not need any manual adjustments of gas pressure or valves settings, which is typically required for normal shock absorbers.

The quick lift function works with any payload within the range, and the retraction speed is adjustable (in software). All without the manual adjustments that competing products require.

The onboard battery supports 20 quick lift operations without recharging, compared to typically 1-2 of competing products.

Piston rod locking included.

A shock absorber protects your crane and piling hammer from damage from dynamic force peaks, which can damage crane components or even cause a total loss of the piling hammer.

The added safety of the shock absorber allows more aggressive hammering, which speeds up piling operations.

Our quick function allows safe retrieval of payloads that are at the risk of coming into contact with a heaving barge deck due to slow crane lifting speed. Ease of use and the ability to perform many lifts make for a smooth working day for the deck crew.

18 months warranty

Full warranty for 18 months against fabrication or design defects. Free software updates in the period. User training included.

Properties of standard models

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Standard items:

  • DNV-GL classification
  • Van Beest shackles
  • Rugged, high-quality seal system


  • Subsea version (10% cost and weight increase versus topside version)
  • ABS, BV, CCS, LR or other classification
  • Other shackle types