Four people inspecting Safelink products inside a warehouse

Record delivery

Seven new units are ready and lined up in our manufacturer’s assembly hall. Over the next few weeks, they will be shipped out to several of our customers around the world.

Seven new units

Four new Active Controlled Quick lifts (AQC), 1 Active Heave Compensator (AHC-W), 1 modified shock absorber and 1 semi-active heave compensator are now ready for delivery.

The safe working load range (SWL) of the products is from 400t SWL to 750t SWL. Six of the units will be used for offshore wind, and the semi-active unit will be used for subsea installations for oil field development at water depths of more than 2500 meters.

Safelink’s CEO Tord Martinsen, has been present throughout the entire manufacturing process, and it has taken four labour-intensive months to get the seven units ready in time.

“My plan was to take a short holiday after this busy period, but it seems like we can soon make a new official announcement that will keep us busy for the next few months and have an even greater impact on increasing efficiency in the world’s offshore wind market.”

Tord Martinsen, CSO Safelink

In excess of 100 units within the next year

We have now made more than 90 units, and expect to surpass 100 units within the next year

Our CEO Ole Henning Christiansen, states that “a new milestone has been reached as production has surpassed 90 units, and with the last record delivery, it’s probably fair to say that we are the world leader in motion compensation for the global offshore wind market.”